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Nar Doma (ナルどマ Naru Doma?) is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Kometokaite Meter.

Characters Edit

Main characters Edit

Umihara Hagito (海原 萩人?)
Voiced by Max
Umihara Hagito, known as Hagito (ハギト?), is a protagonist of the series. He is Narcissist. He is pedophile, too.
Hamago Keisuke (浜瑚 蛍介?)
Voiced by Miyazaki Atsumi
Hamago Keisuke, known as Kei (ケイ?), is a protagonist of the series. He is a domazo (どマゾ?, masochist).
Monoi Shuhei (藻井 柊平 Monoi Shūhei?)
Voiced by Adachi Yuto
Monoi Shuhei, known as Mono (モノ?), is one of Hagito and Kei's friends.

Relatives of main characters Edit

Umihara Nagito (海原 薙人?)
Voiced by Kazuki Taira
Umihara Nagito, known as Nagito (ナギト?), is Hagito's younger brother. He is 16 years old.
Mrs. Umihara
Mrs. Umihara is the mother of Umihara Hagito and Nagito.
Mr. Umihara
Mr. Umihara is the father of Hagito and Nagito.
Hamago Miyoku (浜瑚 美翼?)
Hamago Miyoku, often known simply as Miyoku (ミヨク?), is Kei's younger sister. She is 15 years old.
Hamago Tosuke (浜瑚 燈介 Hamago Tōsuke?)
Hamago Tosuke, known as To-nii (トウ兄 Tō-nī?), is Kei and Miyoku's older brother.
Monoi Akane (藻井 茜?)
Voiced by Asaumi Yue
Monoi Akane is Mono's older sister.
Monoi Ryohei (藻井 涼平 Monoi Ryōhei?)
Monoi Ryohei is Mono's older brother and Akane's younger brother.

Other characters Edit

Saito Yu (斉藤 結 Saitō Yū?)
Voiced by Hirayama Emi
Saito Yu, known as Saito-san (斉藤さん Saitō-san?), is one of Hagito, Kei, and Mono's friends. He is 21 years old.
Hanashiro Totono (花城 トトノ?)
Voiced by Kahara Yu
Totono Hanashiro is a 8-year-old elementary school student.
Aozane Rokuta (青実 六汰?)
Voiced by Oda Toshimitsu
Aozane Rokuta, known as Roku(-san) (ロク(さん)?), is one of Hagito, Kei and Mono's friends. He is 23 years old.
Kamishiro Kiseha (神代 キセハ?)
Kiseha Kamishiro is Hagito's first dating partner. She is 18 years old.
Shake (シェイク Sheiku?)
Shake, real name Sato Tomoki (佐藤 巴樹 Satō Tomoki?), is a 30-year-old singer.
Tsuyukusa Ameko (露草 雨子?)
Voiced by Sakurana Rina
Tsuyukusa Ameko, often known simply as Tsuyukusa (ツユクサ?), is a restaurant employee.
Yamanashi (山梨?)
Yamanashi is a very kind man.
Mr. Hanashiro
Mr. Hanashiro is the father of Hanashiro Totono. He works in the building site.
Mrs. Hanashiro
Mrs. Hanashiro is the mother of Hanashiro Totono.
Restaurant manager
Mochimal (もちまる Mochimaru?)
Voiced by Kahara Yu
Mochimal is a popular anime character. The name comes from mochi (もち or ?, Japanese rice cake) and animal.
Kometaro (こめたろう Kometarō?)
Voiced by Hirayama Emi
Kometaro is a dog. One of Mono's relatives keeps Kometaro, but now Monoi Akane and Ryohei keep Kometaro because the relatives' air conditioner has broken.
Inoue-san (井上さん?)

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