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#Kantele airdateTokyo MX airdateAT-X airdateEpisode titleManga sourceNotes
01May 16, 2015July 2, 2015July 17, 2015I Like Me Who Encountered HimChapter 1: The Encounter
(Vol. 1 - Chap. 1)
Umihara Hagito, Hamago Keisuke, and Monoi Shuhei are introduced.
02May 23July 24I Like Me Who Has LunchChapter 2: Lunch
(Vol. 1- Chap. 2)
03May 30July 4July 31I Like Me Even If I Have Left SomethingChapter 3: A Thing Left Behind
(Vol. 1 - Chap. 3)
04June 5August 7I Like Me Who Helps a PersonChapter 17: Rescue
(Vol.1 - Chap. 17)
Yamanashi is introduced.
05June 13July 16August 14I Like Me More Than Saito-sanChapter 4: Woman's Power
(Vol.1 - Chap. 4)
Saito Yu is introduced.
06June 20August 21Game Center, I Like MeChapter 7: Game Center
(Vol. 1 - Chap. 7)
07June 27July 23August 28I Like Me More Than JunjiChapter 16: The Visitor
(Vol. 1 - Chap. 16)
08July 4September 4The Angel to the Town, I Like MeChapter 5: The Angel
(Vol. 1 - Chap. 5)
Hanashiro Totono is introduced.
09July 11July 30September 11I Like Me Who Was Seen by the GirlChapter 66: Short Gags - §2: Mishearing
Chapter 48: The Summer Vacation
Mochimal is introduced.
10July 18September 18I Like Me Even If It is the Episode of Roku-sanChapter 11: Negative Thinking
(Vol. 1 - Chap. 11)
Aozane Rokuta is introduced.
11July 31August 6September 25After All, I Like Me More Than Saito-sanChapter 8: Shopping (Vol. 1 - Chap. 8)
Chapter 15: Short Gags (Vol. 1 - Chap. 15) - §8: Train
12August 8 I Like Me More Than AnimalsChapter 10: A Zoo
(Vol. 1 - Chap. 10)
13August 15August 13I Like Me More Than Saito-san AgainChapter 26: Saito-san and Inoue-san
Chapter 27: Short Gags
Inoue-san is introduced.
14August 22August 20I Like Me Who Works by the Hourly RatesChapter 25: An ArubaitoTsuyukusa Ameko is introduced.
15August 29August 27I Like Me More Than An Amusement ParkChapter 36: A Weekend
16September 5September 3I Like Me Who is the Older Brother of NagitoChapter 52: A DietUmihara Nagito is introduced.
17September 12September 10I Like Me, But I Does Not AppearChapter 45: A HomecomingMonoi Akane and Kometaro are introduced.
18September 19September 17After All, I Like Me Who Works by the Hourly RatesChapter 28: Bottomless Cup
Chapter 41: I Want
Chapter 67: An Arubaito 2
Chapter 73: Short Gags - §1: Shopping
19September 26September 24I Like Me Even If It is a Side StoryChapter 64: Match Mono
20October 3October 1Cycling, Cycling, I Like Me
21October 10October 8I Like Me Who Wants to Form a Band

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