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How to Keep a Mummy[1] (ミイラの飼い方 Mīra no Kaikata?, "Mummy in My Home")is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Utsugi Kakeru.

Characters Edit

People who know presence of legendary creatures Edit

Kashiwagi Sora (柏木 空?)
Kashiwagi Sora is a protagonist of the series. He lives in a house with his aunt Kaede and also has a dog named Pocchi. Sora has a mummy named Mii-kun.
Kamiya Tazuki (神谷 他月?)
Kamiya Tazuki is Sora's childhood friend. Tazuki has a child oni named Konii. He lives with his sister. He calls Mii-kun Mii (ミィ?).
Motegi Asa (茂木 朝?)
Motegi Asa is Sora and Tazuki's classmate. Asa has a dragon named Isao. She calls Sora Sora-chan (空ちゃん?), Tazuki Tat-chan (タッちゃん?). Some of her friends call her Motegi-chan (茂木ちゃん?) or Mogi-chan (モギちゃん?).
Tachiaki Daichi (立秋 大地?)
Tachiaki Daichi is a student in Class 5. He lives by himself in a condo and has a baku named Mukumuku. Up until properly meeting Sora had been having nightmares every time he fell asleep. This led him to constantly be sleep deprived and prone to lash out at those around when he wakes up. Later, Sora helped him get rid of all of his protective charms, Daichi meets a baku in the middle of the night. Frightened he calls Sora, who comes right away. After establishing what the baku was, Sora left, and Daichi went back to sleep. He didn't return to school for four days, having slept all that time. After getting some much-needed sleep, he had a much different demeanor, smiling and very polite. He is now friends with Sora, Tazuki, and Asa.
Kashiwagi Kaede (柏木 楓?)
Kashiwagi Kaede is Sora's aunt. Kaede's older brother is Sora's father.
Mr. Kashiwagi
Mr. Kashiwagi is Sora's father. He is Kaede's older brother, too.
Nadeshiko (なでしこ?)

Animals that are not known to the public Edit

Mii-kun (ミーくん Mī-kun?)
Mii-kun is a mummy that has been kept by Sora. The name comes from miira (ミイラ?, mummy).
Konii (コニー Konī?)
Konii is a child oni that has been kept by Tazuki. The name comes from ko-oni (子鬼?, child oni).
Isao (いさお?)
Isao is a dragon that has been kept by Asa.


Mukumuku is a baku that has been kept by Daichi.

References Edit

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